How One Tiny Microchip Can Make A Huge Difference For Your Pet's Safety


One of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to a pet owner is to have their beloved companion go missing, and yet, so many still don't have the most obvious protection against this. Microchipscould be the difference-maker in whether yourfurry friend will be returned to youor not.


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According to the American Humane Society,microchips contain unique ID numbers that are read by a scanner connected to a database containing contact information.Considering that approximately 10 million dogs and cats are missing or stolen every year in the United States this could be a crucial step towards recovering them reports Pet Finder. Twenty-two percent of dogs and only two percent of cats are reunited with their families, but these numbers jump to 52 and 38 percent respectively when the animals are microchipped.


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Getting your treasured pup or feline fitted with this system can save you the pain of losing your pet, and it is relatively simple to get. All this technology fits into a chip the size of a grain of rice, and typically only costs $25-50 depending on your vet's pricing.


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Once you have the microchip, it is vital that you get it registered. Only 58 percent of shelter animals had their chips registered in a database containing their owner's contact information.Although there can be small risks of complication including inflammation and infection, vets say that the pros largely outweigh the cons according to the American Humane Society.No one should have to deal with the panic and stress involved in losing a pet when it can be this easy to have peace of mind.

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