Horse Rescued By Selfless Volunteers After Getting Stuck Fleeing California Wildfires

The town of Sylmar, California proved to be a town full of heros after rescuing a horse during the wildfires that ravaged the state on December 5. The horse, named Kenny, had fallen into a gap between two walls while fleeing the terrible blaze and was stuck.

Horse needs help!!! Stuck in a tiny gap. Fell running away from fire in Sylmar. 12122 Kagel Canyon. @FOXLA

��� Gina Silva (@ginasilvafox11) December 5, 2017

He was found by Gina Silva, a reporter from Fox 11 who was in the town covering the devastation the California wildfires were wreaking on the town. Stuck on his back with his hooves in the air, she realized that there wasn't enough space for Kenny to right himself.With firefighters already very busy putting out the fire, Silva headed to social media for help, posting a��photo of the distressed horse on Twitter. Barely 20 minutes later, several people had arrived on the scene, determined to rescue the poor animal.

A post shared by Gina Silva (@ginasilvaworld) on Dec 5, 2017 at 12:40pm PST

A veterinarian tranquilized the panicked horse to make the operation easier and give him the best chance of survival. Meanwhile, nearby firefighters let a small team help the good Samaritans who had showed up to save Kenny. They knocked down the wall trapping him, letting the volunteers get closer to him.Just two hours after Silva launched her appeal, Kenny was free and ready to be taken to hospital for a check up, before being reunited with his family.

Horse rescued; on the way to animal hospital. Thanks to @LACountyFire and the people who came out to help.

��� Gina Silva (@ginasilvafox11) December 5, 2017

A comment on Instagram indicated that the lucky horse was in good health after a short stay at the vet's:

���Kenny��� was doing better��as of 9:30 p.m. tonight. He is up on all four legs. All bandaged up and treated. He is the nicest calm boy with loving owners.

Without Silva's call for help and the kindness of the volunteers who answered it, Kenny would certainly not have been able to escape. But luckily, he is free to live out his life with his relieved family!

H/t: The Dodo

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