Horrified By This Pit Bull's Life Of Hell, Over 20,000 Americans Are Demanding A New Law


Photos of this Pit Bull chained to a tree during violent storms in Louisiana have outraged internet users over the past couple of weeks. After the photo was taken and shared all over the web,a relative of the dog's human eventually freedthe dog.But it has stirred up a petition to ban dog tethering altogether in the state of Louisiana, US.

Shocking footage

The dog was seen by a neighbour in Gonzales, Louisiana. Chained to a tree outside in the torrential rain, he was freezing cold and had no chance of escaping the rising water.The poor Pit Bull's situation shocked internet users worldwide when it was shared on the Humane Society of Louisiana's Facebook page.


Source : @WDSU

Thankfully, the local animal protection association successfully managed to locate the dog's whereaboutswith the help of the local community.A sheriff arrived on the scene to find the dog chained to the tree. But his humans were nowhere in sight. Finally, a relative of the dog's owner arrived and untethered the suffering dog.

Petition launched

Revolted by the dog's situation, a petition has been launchedto make it illegal to chain your dogin the state ofLouisiana.Whilst it's illegal to tether your dog in the state of California, many Americans hope the law will soon come into action in other states across the US.The petition is addressed to Louisiana State Governor John Edwards Bel and already has over 20,000 signatures.For the moment, the Pit Bull is apparently being looked after by a responsible member of the family. As for the man responsible for this act of cruelty, he has finally been found and will be put on trial in the next few weeks.

Featured image: @change.org