Homeless Man Spends All The Money He Has To Find His Lost Dog At Shelter


On Friday, August 18, the staff at DeKalb County Animal Servicesin Georgia arrived at work to find a man sleeping outside of their front door. When he woke, he explained to them that he had come a long way and spent all the money he had on a bus fare to the shelter in the hopes of finding his beloved lost dog.

Source: Facebook/Tracy Hunton Thompson

Amazingly, he had finally come to the right place. After he described the canine, staff realized that they had picked up the man's best friend, Tata, around two weeks prior.However, his lost dog was being kept at their new facility on the other side of town, a train journey away.As the man had no money left, the generous staff covered the fare for his journey so that the pair could be reunited.When he arrived at the new facility, staff who had grown to love the lost dog, were only too happy to reunite the pair. They explained that the canine was in perfect health and was clearly being cared for despite the man's difficult situation.

 Posted by Tracy Hunton Thompson on Friday, 18 August 2017

The love between the pair was undeniable when they were reunited. A member of staff captured the touching moment on camera and later posted it on Facebook. The video has since been viewed over 350,000 times, melting hearts all over the world.Karen Kirsch, a spokesperson for the facility explained to The Dodo:

You could see the joy in his face when they were reunited. It was wonderful. The joy for both of them was palpable. It lifted everyone’s spirit to see it. Love is love, no matter who it’s coming from. He probably puts the dog first in his life, because without her he doesn’t have anything.

Source: Facebook/Tracy Hunton Thompson

Seeing how important they were to each other, the kind staff at the shelter let the man take his dog away without any of the normal charges and referred him to theirPets for Life program, which aims to help those in difficult situations care for their pets.To support the Dekalb County Animal Services and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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