His Humans Abandoned Him And This Is How His Rescuer Found Him


Would you think that was an animal if you saw it on the side of the street? Well it's Puppy, the three-year-oldShih Tzu. The poor dog was found abandoned in a truly deplorable condition,The Dodo reports.


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When Puppy's humans(Jada Demas andJennifer Moscardini) suddenly left their apartmentin New Hampshire, US, the landlordmade a shocking discovery when he went to see it.Unrecognisable in the corner of the apartment, their three-year-old Shih Tzu, Puppy, could have been mistaken for a pile of rubbish. He wassufferingso badly from mange andcould hardly walk, that the owner didn't even know if he was still alive.The landlord contacted the police immediately, and Puppy was taken straight to a local vet clinic to receive emergency care.


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Puppy's fur had become so matted that he had turned blind. The vets also discovered that he was deaf. Theyworked hard to gently remove hisfur, and discovered numerous wounds over hisbody, caused by extensive neglect.The dog was in a complete state of shock, and no matter how hard the vets tried to comfort him, he seemed completely devastated.


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But they never gaveup. All the staff at the clinichavebeen taking amazing care of Puppy and now he looks completely different, you can now see his cute little face.His health is getting better every day but he's still under observation at the clinic. Hopefully he will soon be put up for adoption and will find a loving forever home, he definitely deserves it after the hell he's been through.


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As for his humans who so cruelly abandoned him,Jada Demas andJennifer Moscardini, they now face several charges ofanimal cruelty. We'll be sure to keep you updated.

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