His Despicable Acts Of Cruelty Against These Dogs Earned Him A Ground Breaking Sentence


A Quebec judge made a historic ruling this month with the province's first ever life-ban on owning animals for a man found guilty of animal buse.


Source: Outaouais SPCA

The man, Alain Marchand, starved and mistreated at least four dogs over the course of a 10 year investigation by the Outaouais SPCA. He is also required to pay a fine of 1800 Canadian dollars. There will also be a court case to determine criminal charges.


Source: Outaouais SPCA

A spokesman for the Outaouais SPCA told TVA Nouvelles:

Criminal charges will follow. The police assisted us in our intervention. Two avenues were taken in this case, one penal and one criminal. This case is not over yet.

This is all stemming from the cruel and horrifying treatment of the dogs on his property. They were not given food or water and many had skin disorders and injuries.


Source: Outaouais SPCA

One of the dogs who was in particularly bad shape was missing skin in a ring around his muzzle. The graphic pictures only give a glimpse of the horror that must have been inflicted on him.


Source: Outaouais SPCA

He ended up needing reconstructive surgery to repair the damage, but thankfully he has been adopted, as have all the dogs seized from Marchand. They have their true forever homes, and families who will treat them with the love they deserve.

H/t: Outaouais SPCA

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