Heroic Officer Jumps Into Frozen Pond To Save A Dog Trapped In The Icy Water


One police officer in Vancouver went above and beyond the call of duty in order to save the life of a dog who had fallen into a frozen pond.The dog had been chasing a ball when he ran onto the ice-covered pond and promptly fell through.Police ConstablePeter Colenutt was called to the scene by a neighbor who had witnessed the incident.


Source: CTV Darcy/Twitter

Without hesitation, Colenutt stripped off parts of his uniform to go in after the canine.Const. Jason Doucette told CBC News:

 Concerned for the immediate well-being of the dog, one of our officers removed portions of his uniform, took hold of one end of a rescue rope, and with his co-workers holding the other end, he made his way to the dog.

Source: CTV Darcy/Twitter

He grabbed the pooch by the collar, and his colleagues pulled the duo back to the safety of shore. The pair were cold, but otherwise unharmed.Photos show the policeman running through the snow in his bare feet and a short sleeve shirt.


Source: Paul E. Marquiz/Twitter

The pup was lucky that such a brave man came to his rescue, and the hero has gotten his share of accoladesfrom social media users from all over.No word on where the owner of the dog was at the time or why he was chasing a ball onto the lake in the first place.

H/t: CBC News

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