Heroic Medical Alert Dog Has Saved His Human's Life Countless Times

Andrea A.

Janaye, a 23-year-old American woman from California, saw her health deteriorate rapidly after an accident in 2012. She still bears the scars today and suffers from a variety of problems stemming from the traumatic head injury; seizures, bleeding on the brain and even fainting, which puts her at risk of more damage to her head.

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But luckily, Janaye is not left to cope with her illness alone.In 2013, Janaye made a life-changing decision and decided to adopt a medical alert dog named Colt. His role is simple, but absolutely essential; he can sense when she is about to have an seizure and do whatever he can to make sure that she doesn't hurt herself.

Source: YouTube

Colt is capable of identifying a fainting spell 15 minutes before it happens and can tell when his human is going to have a seizure 2 hours in advance. This gives Janaye enough time to put herself in a position where she won't fall over and hurt herself, or to give herself medication to prevent the seizure.

Source: YouTube

If something happens unexpectedly, Colt knows exactly what to do. By licking Janaye's face, he can try to wake her up and, if she is mid-seizure, he lies down under her head to stop her from banging it against the floor.His intelligence doesn't stop there; the clever pup can also open and close doors, help sort the trash and help his human go down the stairs.To thank her companion and show to the world just how important service dogs like Colt are, Janaye put a video online, illustrating what he does for her every day:[embed][/embed]

H/t: The Huffington Post

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