Heroic Dogs Are Now Jumping From Helicopters To Stop Poachers


The Paramount Group is a security company which has a branch in South Africa, K9, who is fighting back against poachers .

They have enlisted the services of around 50 adult dogs and 40 young dogs for this feat, who work alongside rangers to protect the country's game reserves.


Source: Mirror

Like many other African countries, South Africa is heavily affected by the poaching network - in 2015, nearly 1000 rhinoceroses were slaughtered for their horns, which is sold for elevated prices on the black market.

In order to eradicate this cruel and unnecessary slaughter of endangered animals, the K9 has been training Belgian shepherds since 2013. The dogs can track poachers, detect firearms and fight.


Source: Mirror

They are also enlisting Weimaraners, who are being trained to navigate the bush and protect the nature threatened by poachers.

The dogs usually climb down from helicopters with their human partners by their sides, but in September, there was a change in technique. The animals have since been jumping out of helicopters with their humans in a parachute, to allow them to land right in the operation zone and track the poachers more efficiently.


Source: Mirror

While there are numerous risks to this operation, it is the quickest and most effective method presented thus far, with the dogs sometimes catching the poachers in less than a minute across the vast game reserves in South Africa. This video of one of the operations shows a dog parachuting from nearly 6000 feet.


These heroic dogs are like the best action films, but the intensively trained animals are still not numerous enough. According to Paramount, in order to cover the national territory, they need another 400 dogs.


Source: Mirror

Some people are questioning this method and are concerned about the dogs' physical safety, but the numbers speak for themselves - these heroic pups are helping to save endangered African species better than ever before.


Source: Mirror

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