Heroic Dog Sees A Young Girl Drowning And Knows Exactly What To Do


On July 12, tragedy struck an idyllic beach in Salerno, Italy.


Caterina, an eight-year-old girl, and her sister were playing under the watchful eye of their father a few meters away from the water when the young girl was suddenly overwhelmed by one of the waves and pulled out to sea. Luckily, her father sprung into action immediately and was able to save Caterina's sister from the water, but Caterina was stuck and at serious risk of drowning.Fortunately, right at that moment, Lux and his carer were patrolling the beach. The accredited lifeguard dog noticed straight away the dangerous situation taking place and threw himself into the water to rescue the young girl.The brave dog brought the girl back to shore safe and sound, saving her life.

Source: SICS – Tirreno/Facebook 

Armed with a lifejacket and several years of extensive training, Lux has already saved many lives, including a couple on the same beach only a few years ago.The young girlis now enjoying the rest of her holidays with her family and will forever be grateful to Lux, the talented dog. Her parents told the Italian newspaperLa Repubblica:

Caterina had never been at ease around dogs, but from today onwards, everything will be different. 

Source:  SICS – Tirreno/ Facebook

The association that trained Lux, theScuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio (Italian school for rescue dogs) operates on the beaches of Tirreno, Livorno, from the start of the summer season.They aim to educate and prevent dangerous situations mainly for families and tourists to allow them to enjoy their holidays safely.

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