Hero Dog Pulled A 9-Year-Old Boy From A River When His Mom Tried To Drown Him


Buddy was just trying to do the right thing when in a tragic twist, he was taken into custody by Murray River Council authorities after "viciously mauling" a young boy.A 27-year-old woman from Victoria, Australia had just been released from prison, when she attempted to drown her two sons.She succeeded with the five-year-old boy, whose body they didn't find for several days, but as she was attempting to kill the nine-year-old, Buddy intervened.


Source: 7 News Sydney

The Pit Bull belonged to a neighboring property, but he heard the noises coming from the river. He bit the mother and in his attempt to pull the boy out of the river, he left severe lacerations on him as well.Buddy's owner came rushing over and rushed the child to the hospital where he was treated for the dog bites.The mother was arrested for murder and attempted murder.Unfortunately, Buddy was also taken into custody. Due to the bites sustained by the boy, authorities were considering putting him down for being "aggressive" and "dangerous."


Source: Jess Smith/Go Petition

The dog's owner, obviously distraught, started a petition to try and get him released. Itstates:

Buddy doesn't have a history of being a dangerous dog and most certainly hasn't ever bitten anyone and has never been seized before for anything. Buddy is a member of our family and has grown up around children his whole life and has been the most gentlest dog, he has clearly seen a child in distress and attempted to help, dogs don't have hands to help like us humans they have to use their teeth and in doing so it's being portrayed as this dog has attacked the young boy.

Source: 9 News

The petition garnered over 50,000 signatures for the furry hero.The grandfather of the two boys spoke up in support of the dog to the Courier Mail saying:

I own a similar dog and I know he was trying to save the boys, it's their nature when they are raised with kids. Let the ones who his actions affected decide. I have one grandson left, because this brave dog took action as required.

Thankfully, the police listened and Buddy will be released back to his family now that he has been microchipped and registered. They stated that he "was acting in reasonable defense of the nine-year-old boy."

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