Her Cat Was Killed In A Washing Machine By Her Ex And He has Just Escaped Justice


A Russian man was detained last week and found guilty of committing "hooligan acts against an animal" after he killed his then-girlfriend's cat by putting it in the washing machine after they had argued, as reported by The Daily Mail.37 year-old Ivan Vasiliev, who had previously been jailed for robbery and murder, initially denied killing the cat.

cat washing machine 2

Source: east2west news

He later confessed to killing the pet - name Ryzhik - by putting it in the washing machine after drinking four bottles of vodka.Vasiliev first sent his partner (who has not been named) a video of the cat in the washing machine on a hot wash cycle, in an attempt to get her to take him back.When the severely injured cat miraculously survived the first cycle, Vasiliev put it back into the washing machine on a 30 minute cyle with 800 spins a minute, which killed the cat.

Source: east2west news

As he did this, Vasiliev sent his girlfriend pleading messages such as "please come back home" along with videos of the terrified and crying cat in the washing machine.He was arrested after his girlfriend arrived at their home in Ukhta - a town in Northern Russia - accompanied by police officers.Vasiliev was forbidden from leaving his hometown for a year and from entering certain public places, as well as being subject to a curfew.You can read up more about animal cruelty laws in the United States and in Canada here.

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