Her Cat Lay Down Under The Christmas Tree And Gave Her The Most Amazing Surprise

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This young woman from Florida, U.S.A., celebrated Christmas a little early. Or rather, it was her cat who offered her a surprise. On December 16, Danielle Lopez discovered Tink giving birth on the skirt of her Christmas tree.


Source: Danielle Lopez

"I heard a soft meow and thought it was our other kitty and then saw the firstborn crying," explained the 17-year-old to BuzzFeed. "I was in shock. I started running around the house to lock up Sagwa (editors note: the other cat) and grab towels to help her."The little female ended up bringing four kittens into the world without the slightest complication, filling her family with happiness. Since it is the holiday season, they decided to call the little ones Noel, Joy, Christmas and Faith.


Source: Danielle Lopez

Four births that top off two years of happiness for Tink in her new family. The cat was rescued by the Lopez family after she was abandoned, alone on the streets and starving. Danielle remembers:

If we didn’t take her home she would have died. She was all bones.

Source: Danielle Lopez

Thanks to love and amazing care, Tink recovered quickly and was doing well. She got close to Sagwa, the Siamese male already present at the Lopez house, and the duo became inseparable. Because he could not be neutered due to a congenital illness, the young male is most certainly the father of the kittens.


Source: Danielle Lopez

A situation which provoked a reaction from some on the Internet surprised that they had left the two cats un-sterilized. The family quickly calmed the hubbub by explaining that she was scheduled to be sterilized until they discovered that she was already pregnant.


Source: Danielle Lopez


Source: Danielle Lopez

For Tink, these will be her first and last babies. The happy kittens have created quite the sensation on social media. On Twitter, Danielle's message announcing the happy news has since been shared over 22,000 times.

My cat just gave birth under our Christmas tree. pic.twitter.com/uEKJNOkpLi

— Danielle (@WeTheDanielle) December 14, 2016

More good news followed, the Lopez family decided to adopt all of the babies giving them the best possible home, next to their mom and dad."It's the best Christmas gift ever," said the teen.

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