Heartbroken Dog Waits Every Day Outside Hospital Where His Human Died 32 Weeks Ago


There's nothing quite like a dog's loyalty to his master. And Negão, the pup whose human died eight months ago now, is evidence of exactly that.


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Animals often find it very difficult to understand and come to terms with the death of their human. This explains why Negão has been wandering around outside the Ruth Cardoso Hospital in Santa Catarina, Brazil, every day for the last eight months. Because that's where the most important person in his life died.

Last year, a homeless man had to be hospitalised for a serious infection which proved fatal. His dog Negão couldn't bear to be separated from him, and managed to run after the ambulance all the way to the hospital.


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He then camped outside the hospital's entrance waiting for his master to come out. Sadly, this never happened. Negão doesn't realise his human will never return, and that's why he still waits outside the building every day.

The staff at the hospital quickly became aware of Negão and his tragic story. Every time an ambulance arrives, he becomes restless and follows the vehicle, hoping to find his best friend once more. The compassionate employees make sure the dog always has access to enough food and water.


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After a few months of this, they managed to find a family ready to adopt Negão. He's been adopted twice now, but both times he escaped at the first available opportunity to go back to the hospital.

Having finally come to the conclusion that nobody could stop him staying there, the hospital directors came to an agreement with the local animal organisations to make sure the pup gets regular walks and check-ups with a vet.

The whole hospital community and the locals who know of Negão's past have been deeply touched by the dog's unflinching loyalty, demonstrated by his unconditional love for his late master.


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Though Negão ended up in this situation after the heartbreaking death of a loved one, it nonetheless proves his devotion to his human isn't all for nothing. In many ways, his love has been returned by the community which has taken him in and looks after him on a daily basis.

One of the hospital's officials said:

He will stay here with us until he decides if he wants to leave or not. As long as he remains here, we will give all the care, warmth and love he needs.

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