Heartbroken Dog Finally Gets Back The Joy They Cruelly Stole From Him


They say a picture is worth a thousands words. And that was certainly the case for this photo of Oso, the 8-year-old Chow-chow who was but a shadow of his former self.


Hunched over with his head pressed against the wall, the dog's almost permanent state at a Los Angeles rescue shelter spoke volumes about his condition. Whilst most dogs in kennels don't stop barking and moving around, Oso completely shut down.

He was abandoned by his family at the beginning of July, with no official reason. The volunteers at Sal Valdepeña, the organisation which helps abandoned dogs find a family, tell The Dodo they think they know why:

Owners didn't want to be bothered by his skin condition. They betrayed him because of his skin.

Oso suffers from two very treatable skin conditions, alopecia and pyoderma. But the shelter where they left the dog in fact offers help to those who can't meet the financial costs of medical treatment, leaving us to think that his family were simply neglectful and didn't care much at all for their dog.


Source : @TheDodo

Though Oso's skin problems can be treated pretty quickly, his depressed state is another matter. The volunteers reveal:

He's defeated and confused. Staring at the wall trembling. 

But thankfully, this story has a happy ending. After The Dodo published an article on the miserable pup which was shared all over the internet, no fewer than 1,000 people who were deeply moved by Oso's dire situation came forward to adopt him.

Staff at the rescue shelter vetted the candidates thoroughly before deciding upon Lisa Marie DeLangis as Oso's future adoptive mother.


Source : @TheDodo

Since the lucky candidate lives on the other side of the country in Oregon, a second generous young lady volunteered to come and collect the pup and go some of the way with him, after spending a few days taking care of him at her own home.


Source : @TheDodo

Robin Barker, the volunteer who shared his story on social media and has taken care of the arrangement, is happy to reveal:

He's going to live on three acres of property. [His future owner] has no young children at home. It's her and her college-bound daughter who's going to school to become a vet tech. 


Source : @TheDodo

It looks like this gorgeous dog will finally get to live out the last few years of his life in the best and happiest way possible!

H/t: @TheDodo