Heart Wrenching Images Show Dog Who Just Can't Believe His Human Is Gone


When a dog is treated well, his loyalty to his humans know no bounds. A prime example of this next level connection took place in Ordu, Turkey.Zoko is lovable pup who was adopted by the Öztürk family in 2012 when he was just a baby. The entire clan was overjoyed with their newest addition, and they grew exceptionally close. The patriarch of the family, IsmailÖztürk, considered the pooch like another child reports Hurriyet.


Source: Hurriyet TV/Zafer Öztürk 

Unfortunately, hedied suddenly in February 2014.Zoko was heartbroken and confused. He accompanies Zafer Öztürk, Ismail's son, every day to go visit the grave of his beloved owner.


Source: Hurriyet TV/Zafer Öztürk 

Haunting images show the pooch laying somberly on top of the mound of earth where his favorite human lays. No matter how much love the rest of his family gives him, Zoko cannot seem to get over the tragic death.One more story that proves dogs truly are man's best friend.Watch the video below to see Zoko and hear interviews with his family, although they are in Turkish.

H/t: Hearts of Pets