Healthy, Young German Shepherd Euthanized On Live TV For Being "Too Aggressive"

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An episode of a Belgian television show, "Vétos & Co", that aired on 29 October has been causing outrage over the past few weeks. The program, which follows the day-to-day operations of a veterinary clinic situated in Neuville, showed a family's two-year-old German shepherd, who was perfectly healthy, being euthanized on air after being judged as too aggressive by his owner.


Source: Véto & Co

"When we approach him, he jumps on the person, whether it's my mom or my dad," she explained to the camera, tears in her eyes. The young woman recited a list of Rex's bad behavior to the veterinarian, saying the fact the he was uncontrollable justified his death.


Source : Véto & Co

"The dog has already bitten people twice in one year," she continued. The owner and her husband ended up being afraid of their pet. According to the veterinarian, these violent behavior patterns are a result of Rex's jealousy, who was overprotective of his human."Despite the love that she has for her pup, Rex's owner can't live with such a dangerous animal," she specified. The images are particulary difficult to look at, showing the German shepherd being injected with a lethal dosage, before collapsing in front of his owner.


Source : Véto & Co

There has been widespread rage over the episode, and some of the comments on social networks include: "Disgusted and furious, there are always solutions... but not that!", "Shameful!", "How horrible!", "I am sick, devastated...".The reactions underline the absolute unnecessity of putting a perfectly healthy dog to death.


Source : Véto & Co

The Belgian website, La Nouvelle Gazette, interviewed the veterinarian, who told them she did not have a choice:

It was the third time that I saw the dog. He was really aggressive and was suffering from sociopathy. Before the show, we gave him a tranquilizer because every time, he jumped on my face. It's a dangerous dog, and it wasn't a case of convenience euthanasia, as some are saying.

According to her statement, she had proposed other "solutions", which had been refused. "I was angry at the client, but that, you won't see on the images," she concluded.You can see the clip from the TV show below. (Warning: graphic content):[embed][/embed]

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