He Was Tragically Abandoned On The Beach With A 20 Kg Tumour Weighing Him Down

Some stories are so heartbreaking that they're hard to believe... Such is the case for this ginger dog from Newport, California.

The animal was found abandoned on a beach, where he had been slowly dying since May.


Source : @TheDodo

When Valerie Schomburg from the Newport Beach Animal Shelter got a call reporting a dog abandoned on the beach, she never imagined the extent of the situation.

Upon arrival, she was horrified to discover Henry's condition: the animal had a tumour weighing more than 20kg which had turned into a huge growth on his righthand side. The tumour was so large that he could barely move his leg and had to crawl along.


Source : @TheDodo

Valerie Schomburg tells The Dodo:

He couldn't move around very much, but definitely still wanted to live life. He would bark, wag his tail, and then when you got close, he gave you kisses. His zest for life was still there. 

She decided to do all she could to save Henry: she managed to raise the money to treat the huge tumour, which was later diagnosed as cancerous by the vets. By some miracle it hadn't spread any further.


Source : @TheDodo

Henry had surgery to remove the huge growth, and is now in the clear. He is living life to the full ever since being relieved of this heavy burden.

The dog's future is all the more promising because he will soon be adopted by a new family, which will be chosen very carefully by Valerie. His rescuer can't hold back the tears at the thought of saying goodbye but she is happy in the knowledge that he will find a happy forever home.


Source : @TheDodo

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