He Was Tied Up To A Tree For 10 Years But Now Turk's Finally Tasted Freedom


He looks like one big cuddly bear. ButTurk has never received the cuddles and affection he deserves. His owners left him tied up in the garden for 10 whole years, without paying him the slightest bit of attention.But thanks to the help of a kind Californian sheriff,this adorable friendly giant has finally tasted freedom.


Source : @Eldad Hagar 

The sheriff wason his way to evict Turk's family from their home, when he saw the dog in his terrible situation. Tied to a tree, the poor creature had been brutallyneglected by his owners for ten whole years.But in California, it's illegal to tie up your dog for more than 3 consecutive hours and considered animal cruelty.So the LAPD officer madethe family releasethe dog and bring him inside. But a neighbour witnessing the scene was not satisfied and begged the family to give up the dog toHope for Paws, an animal protection association. They handed over Turk like he was an old sofa.

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Source : @Eldad Hagar 

Skinny, matted and filthy, it took the volunteers 4 whole hours to properly clean and groom the Newfoundland. When they gave him a medical check, the vets detected a tumour. Luckily, it was benign so they surgically removed it.

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Source : @Eldad Hagar 

Today, the gorgeous dog is healthy and happy under the care of a loving foster family. One thing's for sure, Turk will never be tied up again.


Source : @Eldad Hagar  

Frosted Faces Foundation, the foster association who are looking for a forever home for Turk, wrote on theirFacebook page:

All Turk ever wanted was some human attention and affection. What they put him through is heartbreaking.

Featured image: @Eldad Hagar