He Was So Miserable That He Refused To Ever Lift His Head, But Now He Holds It High

The photo of thisPit Bull, taken in theACCT Philadelphiashelterin the US, quickly went viral over social media. And no wonder once you see how sad March looks.March is an adorablePitbull mix who grew up in a family. But over time, his family no longer wanted him and dropped him off at a shelter. Who knows what it was, moving house, the arrival of a new baby, or lack of financial means.Either way, March was left without a home. And the poor dog wasutterly crushed by it.


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Since his arrival at the shelter inPhiladelphia, the dog had real trouble settling in. But one day, he had a glimmer of hope.A family met the Pit Bull and decided to adopt him, and March seemed perkier than usual after meeting his new family. But just as things were looking up, the family decided not togo through with the adoption.Fromthen on, March buried his head into the wall and acted like he just wanted to disappear from the world completely.


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But on March 21st, as the Pittie mixwas hunched over in the corner of his kennel, a mother and her daughter walked past and knew they had to offer him a second chance at life.And so they did. March was with his new forever family, and he certainly knew it.


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March was so grateful to be chosen by his new family and over the course of the formalities, his whole character had completely been transformed. No longer the miserable dog in the corner, March was literally jumping for joy.So that more of these animalscan find the homes they deserve, you can help support the ASPCA in the USor the RSPCA who help rehome abandoned pets in the UK. Please remember – adopt don’t shop.

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