He Was Lying In The Street With A Broken Spine - And Met Just The Right Person


Kiara Ijzendoorn was on holiday with her family in Crete, Greece when theydrove past an injured dog lying in the middle of the road, unmoving. She told The Dodo:

His leg was totally paralyzed. He had a big bump on his back that was his broken spine.



Source: Kiara Ijzendoorn

Walking around a bit, the woman found a barn nearby and realised the dog had been living there, all alone. Her heart was brokenand she knew she had to help in any way she could.


Source: Kiara Ijzendoorn

She returned to the barn a few times over the next few days, visiting and feeding Fos. The name she had chosen for him means "shining" in Greek. The family had no choice - they were unable to leave him behind after getting to know this sweet and brave dog.


Source: Kiara Ijzendoorn

Ijzendoorn took Fos to a local rescue organisation and officially adopted him. After a medical examination, it was determined that Fos had been abused and he received treatment for his injuries. He then got on the plane with the family and flew back to the Netherlands with his new family!


Source: Kiara Ijzendoorn

Fosis almost fully recovered and for the first time in his life, is receiving love and regular food - he is shining. He's in a much better place than when he was living alone, hungry, with a broken back in a deserted barn.Ijzendoorn has found her best friend and Fos' life has been saved, thanks to the initiative of the family to stop and help when they saw an injured animal.