He Was Completely Paralysed, Dying A Slow And Hopeless Death. His Rescuers Arrived Just In Time

Andrea A.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a fantastic organisation which comes to the aid of stray animals in India.

Last September, the volunteers arrived to rescue an unfortunate dog who had fallen into a pool of hot tar. A passerby discovered the animal and called the organisation as fast as he could.

Upon their arrival, the volunteers found the dog almost unrecognisable. You could just about see an eye peering out of the thick black layer, begging for someone to set him free...


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

The sticky tar had already started to dry and solidify, leaving the poor animal unable to move as he was literally stuck to the ground.

Without the emergency help of the volunteers, he would certainly have faced a slow death in this trap.


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

The team gathered around him, trying to remove the thick layer of organic matter that had stuck to him. They massaged the poor pup relentlessly with vegetable oil.

And the tar began to disappear, little by little...


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

After more than three hours of work, the dog was back to normal, revealing his energetic personality and incredible passion for life.


Source : @Animal Aid Unlimited

He was taken to one of the Animal Aid Unlimited sanctuaries, where he was kept under the watchful eye of the vets for some time. Today he is living a happy life, surrounded by the other dogs at the refuge.Watch this shocking rescue in the following video:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25Jo-DPfYWg[/embed]

To support the work of Animal Aid Unlimited, click here.

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