He Takes These Breathtaking Photos Of Orphaned Children With Their Adopted Dogs


Osman is a little orphaned girl from Dhaka, in Bangladesh, who struggles to survive every single day. Luckily, her beloved dog "Tiger" is always right beside her.


Source : @SamEdmonds

But tragically, Osman isn't the only orphan to be roaming the streets with her four-legged friend. There are dozens of children like Osman here.


Source : @SamEdmonds


Source : @SamEdmonds

These orphans drew the particular attention ofSam Edmonds, an Australian photographer who fights for animal rights. It was while he was crossing a park in Dhakathat Sam noticed 10 children who seemed to live in the park. They were constantly begging people for money and food and shared everything they got with their dogs who lived beside them.And for every child, there was a dog alongside them.


Source : @SamEdmonds

The photographer decided to spend a week with the children and their canine companions to better understand their way of "life". As the week panned out, Sam took a series of portraits of all the orphan-canine bonds. He told the siteBored Panda:

These portraits show the strength, resilience and most of all, the camaraderie between these orphaned kids and the dogs they have adopted. The boys were not told to pose – they entered the frame with their favorite companion and the shutter was released. What these portraits speak about is the ability of these kids – so socioeconomically deprived – to shine as an exemplary of companionship between these two species.

Source : @SamEdmonds

Look at some of the breathtaking photos here:

Rabi and Kalu


Source : @SamEdmonds

Rubel and Romeo 


Source : @SamEdmonds

Al Amin and Michael


Source : @SamEdmonds

Noyon and Bullet


Source : @SamEdmonds

Ladin and Michael


Source : @SamEdmonds

Shakil and Jax


Source : @SamEdmonds

Osman and Tiger


Source : @SamEdmonds

Sumaia and Tiger


Source : @SamEdmonds

Sales of these photos will go towards the funding of a humanitarian project dedicated to these children in Dhaka, through the Obhoyaronno charity.

If you likedSam Edmonds' work, you can check out hiswebsite as well as hisInstagramaccount.Thank you Sam for shedding light on the fate of these poor orphans and their dogs, and we hope it helps to spreadawareness.


Source : @SamEdmonds

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