He Spots A Box Abandoned On The Side Of A Road And Discovers A Puppy On The Brink Of Death


Earl Hanners, a police officer, was handling an accident neat the road in Atlanta, Georgia, when he received an unusual call: a passerby had just found a puppy trapped in a box, reportsThe Dodo.

Source: Earl Hanners

Another police officer arrived at the scene while Earl finished up with the accident and called animal control to come get the animal, trapped in a cardboard box in the heat and dehydrated. Earl explained:

I told the guy ... to cancel animal control. I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.

Source: Earl Hanners

When the officer arrived, the puppy - a little female - hadn't moved, she was still too weak. Earl placed the poor animal, named Bridget, in his patrol car before heading home. He then called a veterinarian and gave her food and water.

Source: Earl Hanners

Already very attached to the little puppy, Earl decided to adopt her. The man already has eight other dogs at home, all saved from shelters. After a short period of observation, Bridget perfectly integrated to the group and is living happily there.

Source: Earl Hanners

Sadly, the person who abandoned the pup has not been found. But thankfully for Bridget, this story ended happily. Earl concluded:

She’s just a very, very sweet loving dog.

Source: Earl Hanners

H/t: The Dodo

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