He Saved Up For 10 Years To Buy An Ambulance So That He Could Rescue Stray Dogs

This is the story of Balu, an animal lover who lives in Pune, India. The incredible man saved up for over a decadeso that he could buy an ambulance speciallydesignedfor saving stray dogs.


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You'd be surprised to know that Balu used to be quite afraid of dogs. But he got over his fear when he decided to dedicate his life to them, thanks to his wife's help.


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In avideoabout his work, he said:

At the start I was a little afraid of dogs. But when I started being with them, I got to know them. I decided that I'm not going to do anything else, whatever I do has to be with animals. Now I am married and my wife is an animal lover as well.

Balu is not a trained vet, but he transports the animals in need to local hospitals and therefore helps save hundreds of lives.


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Local volunteers can call Balu when they come across injured strays or animals in dire need of medical care, and he will drive to pick them up.And Balu's work extends from his wheels to his home where he looks after 5-6 dogs at a time in constant need of care.Local shelters do not always have room to provide care and shelter to all the animals in need, so that's where Balu comes in.


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The local NGOs, vets and animal shelters that he works with have taught him how to administerthe dog's medicine, such asblessings andinjections, and they trust him to give them the proper care they need."I've learned all this just by being around doctors," Balu said.


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Have a look into Balu's daily life by watching this video below (click on CC for subtitles) :


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