He Recreated This Photo With His Beloved Dog 15 Years Later To Say A Soul-Stirring Goodbye


It's never easy to see your dog declining with age, especially when you've known him since he was a baby and he spent his whole life by your side...

Gordon Delacroix, a young Belgian, experienced this just recently with his forever companion, Birdy.


Source : @TheDodo

Gordon was 15 years old when his family adopted this adorable little black pup. Their meeting was immortalised in this shot, which anticipated the great friendship that would bloom between the two...


Source : @Buzzly

15 years later, poor Birdy was a much older dog, suffering from cancer. His health had got rapidly worse before the now adult Gordon's eyes, who was trying to prepare to say goodbye to his faithful friend...

With this in mind, the man dedicated a very moving hommage to his dog on the internet. Gordon published three photos where they assume the exact same poses, showing the physical transformation over the years since the first shot was taken.

This touching gesture was a way for Gordon to mentally prepare for the moment that he so feared:

[He's] back to his "normal self" now but after several tests it still might be cancer. So it could be 6 months, it could be 2 weeks... We've had a ton of good times, unfortunately for all of us at some point it'll be time to go.

Enjoy these three wonderful shots, the first taken 15 years ago, and the others more recently. It's time to get out the tissues.


Source : @Buzzly


Source : @Buzzly


Source : @Buzzly