He Let This Young Animal Die In The Mud Because Of His Negligence But Justice Caught Up To Him


Detlef Meier, 63-year-old farmer from Maybole, Scotland, was condemned in February to a £5000 fine ($6,108) for having left over 20 of his animals in deplorable condition. His negligence caused the death of a calf who had gotten trapped in the mud. He also will be banned from possessing cattlefor at least five years.


Source: Ayrshire Post

In December 2016, a report by the animal defense association, Scottish Society for Prevention and Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), explained that the twenty animals in his care lived in inhumane conditions. They didn't have any shelter, insufficient food and drinking water.


Source: Daily Record

In January 2016, a young Highland calf was found dead on his land, trapped in the mud. The animal, who had died from hunger, cold or drowning, had not been able to pull himself out.


Source: Scottish SPCA

The chief investigator for the affair, Karl Knowles, declared:

Meier had failed to provide suitable nutrition and drinking water, adequate shelter from adverse weather, and a dry clean resting area and protection from the deep muddy hazardous environment he knew his animals were enclosed within.

Since the formalization of the decision, the farm was put up for sale, and the owner expressed his intent to return to Germany, his country of origin.

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