He Leapt Out Of The Car To Save This "Dead" Dog From The Road


Los Angeles resident David Loop was doing his daily commute when he caught sight of the completely motionless body of a little dog in the middle of the road.


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Sure that the animal was dead, Loop stopped his car nonetheless to move the body out of the way of the cars.

Just as he was getting back in the car, he thought he spotted something incredible: the dog blinked. He explains on Facebook:

I was about to leave and I saw her eyes blink. So I ran back to my car and grabbed a litter pan and put her in it and rushed her to my vet.


Source : @Facebook

The little female dog was just about clinging to life. Her femur was broken, she was riddled with ticks and suffering from various serious internal injuries. Loop was absolutely determined to save the pup that he called "Miracle":

She started whining and my heart melted, literally melted in my chest. 


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Miracle's condition remained critical for the next few days, with the outcome hovering uncertainly. Loop paid her daily visits at the veterinary clinic, publishing regular updates on her condition on his Facebook page. At long last, the man announced:

I just had a visit with Miracle, she is stable, I was brushing her hair with my fingers and she opened her eyes. 

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As unlikely as it seems, Miracle would not give up on life: little by little, the dog began eating all by herself again and moving about. Her vets confirmed it: Miracle was well and truly in the clear.

The only thing was that the cost of her medical care and treatment came at a hefty cost... Loop therefore launched an online fundraiser where he wrote about the dog's incredible story in order to cover the bills, which had reached almost $8,000.

David was thrilled to discover that in just a few days, he had not only reached the target, but had in fact far exceeded it!


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Loop officially adopted Miracle, who has completely recovered from surgery and is back on top of her game. The miraculous little pup could not have dreamed of a better adoptive father. Loop is eternally grateful to all those who contributed to the cost of her rescue, declaring:

I hope that she has touched your heart like she has mine. I can only hope that these events will bring us together and remember... Be kind, love people... and animals too.


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