He Jumped On The Metro In Paris And Was Discovered 20 Miles Away From Home

Andrea A.

Last week,Jo, a young 15-month-oldStaffordshire Bull Terrier got rather lost in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. Thankfully, he was found 24 hours later on the outskirts of the French capital. It seems he managed to get onto the Metro, Paris' underground railway, and travel over 20 miles,Le Parisien reports.Caroline, his human, lost sight of him whilst they were out walking near the Bercy stadium last week. She toldthe French newspaper (translated):

Jo suddenly ran away from my husband when he let go of his lead for a few seconds, around 10pm on Wednesday, in Bercy. We were immediately terrified that he had been stolen, which happens a lot with this sociable breed.

https://twitter.com/Sbajos/status/700294862701268992?ref_src=twsrc%5EtfwCaroline sent out calls to help all over social media and searched all over Bercy for her four-legged friend. But she had no luck, Jo was nowhere to be found.At the time, Jo was already miles away. In fact, the dog had managed to get onto the metro at the nearby stationCour Saint-Émilion, and travelled to one of Paris'main metro stops, Châtelet, where he was then swept up by a swarm of commuterstaking theRER train toSeine-et-Marne, on the outskirts of Paris.A passenger on the train soon noticed the dog's obvious distress and brought him off the carriage tohand him over to the police who were patrolling the platform. But Jo didn't have his collar on, so they would have to take him to a local rescue shelter to identify his microchip.Luckily, Jo didn't have to go to the pound because one of the policemen decided to let him come home with him for the night. Jo's human, Caroline, said he "must have fallenfor Jo".The next morning, one of the policeman's colleagues alerted him to searchposters which showed a dog who looked just like Jo. The officer knew at once that the dog he had in his carewas Jo and he notified Caroline and her family straight away. Within an hour, Caroline had cometo pick him up, completely overwhelmed with relief and joy.


Source : @Richard Adenot

"The two kids of the officer who found my dog seemed a little disappointedwhen I came to collect him. If Jo has babies, they'll be the first to know!"said the young woman.

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