He Attempted To Sell His Severely Neglected Puppy Online But A Shelter Worker Found Her Just In Time


It's hard to imagine who would want to get rid of this adorable fur ball. Sugarplum was put up for sale on the Internet by an unfit owner in New York, who obviously didn't want to take care of her anymore.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

And judging by the state of the dog, he hadn't spent much time caring for her anyways. At the time of her rescue, Sugarplum was in a sad state. Seriously emaciated, paws covered in urine, her life was hanging on by a thread. Her sister was, sadly, unable to survive.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Despite all of it, she understood that her dark past was behind her, and cried for joy at full force upon her rescue. It was Jackie O'Sullivan, the co-founder of the dog shelter,Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who pulled Sugarplum from this tragic life. After having seen the disgusting post on Craigslist, the young woman did everything in her power to "buy" the poor animal.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

At first, the ad offered the two dogs - Sugarplum and her sister - for $350. Once on site, the volunteer sent by the refuge to recover the canines found that only the first pup was still alive - and they had to act quickly to make sure that she stayed that way.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Jackie quickly brought Sugarplum to the veterinarian. "We saw that she very underweight," O'Sullivan says. "Her legs are kind of bent, like she had been kept in a crate. She was also very hand-shy so she definitely had not been treated well."

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

It seemed that her former owner had bred the pup strictly for profit. He had therefore avoided investing in her health and care. He was just waiting around to find a buyer, as quickly as possible.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Thankfully, for the adorable white dog, her dark past is behind . Two days after her rescue and medical treatment, Sugarplum found an adoptive family, determined to give her all the love and attention that she desperately needed.

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

And on seeing the boundless enthusiasm that the pooch showed on the car trip to her new home, it seems that she understood that it was the start of a new chapter, full of happiness!

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Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

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