He Asked The Vet To "Relieve" His Dog's Pain And Comes Back To Find Him Euthanized

Andrea A.

It was a tragic misunderstanding that cost the life of Chopin, a 14-year-old Golden Retriever. In Switzerland, last week, a man took his dog to a veterinarian in Neuchâtel and asked him to "relieve" his arthritis pains.A term that the vet misinterpreted, thinking that it was an elusive way of asking for the euthanasia of the animal. The owner, a Frenchman in retirement, finally realized the horrifying mistake when he returned to pick up his dog and the clinic personnel told him he had been euthanized.


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The veterinarian realized his error and was extremely shaken and emotional over the incident. "The owner asked me to 'relieve' his dog's suffering: that is an expression which is often used to end the life of the animal who is suffering," he explained.


Source: ArcInfo

To make sure that this situation never happens again, the retiree suggested that the vet always validate requests for euthanasia in writing.

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