Handicapped Kitten Trapped In Combat Zone Gets Rescued By The Bravest Soldier


Back in 2008, Christine Bouldin was on a mission in Afghanistan for the American army.


Source: Christine Bouldin

Just as she was finishing up her service in the region, her colleagues informed her of the presence of a mom and baby cat at the exterior of the base. Curious, she went to see and stumbled upon a very unusual kitten.The little tabby cat with huge ears could not manage to walk without fallingon her side... Bouldin told PeoplePets:

I'd never seen a cat like that. I felt so sorry for her. She couldn't stand up and would flip over.

Source: Christine Bouldin

The fur ball, who Bouldin decided to baptise Felix, suffered from Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a neurological disease which affects motor skills and is characterized by difficulties with balance.At first, the kitten was frightened around the soldier and would hiss anytime she came near, but after seeing that her mama was not afraid and let her pet her, Felix slowly relaxed.


Source: Christine Bouldin

From there on, every day, Bouldin brought water and food to the two cats. Felix let herself be held while eating to help her keep her balance.But one day, early in the morning, Bouldin realized that the mama cat had disappeared, leaving her baby to fend for herself. She understood then that she could not leave her and had to find a way to get her out of danger.Since animals were not allowed inside the military encampment, she decided - with the help of a friend - to build her a little shelter outside, made of large sacs of sand that the kitten could climb herself, if necessary.


Source: Christine Bouldin

A few days later, another friend made the feline a "real" miniature house which Bouldin watched over every day. She brought her food and treats, which she had sent over from her family in North Carolina.A strong bond formed between the young woman and Felix, who waited impatiently for the moment she would come visit. They soon became inseparable and shared long moments of affection.

She was so sweet and I could tell she appreciated me taking care of her when her mom left. She makes me cry sometimes still because she looks at me like I'm her mom.

But her deployment was coming to an end: so it was time for her to find a way to bring Felix home with her to the United States. Her first request was denied, but she wouldn't give up.

A local veterinarian introduced her to the manager of an animal shelter in Kabul. Pam Constable immediately accepted to take in Felix until Christine could get him over to the U.S.. During the first few days, the soldier was extremely worried, and she feared that she would never see the cat again.



Source: Christine Bouldin

Thankfully, her request was finally accepted, and Felix was able to come to her new, loving home. In addition to finally having family, the cat finally found a new friend: her "adopted mom's" other feline friend.


Source: Christine Bouldin

Despite her handicap, Felix plays, jumps, and purs like all kittens. She even learned how to use the litter box. Her presence has illuminated everyday life for Bouldin, who concludes:

She found ways to do what she needed to do. It's very inspiring to see an animal like that just fight to live because so many people underestimate them. Felix is an angel sent to me from God.

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