Sad Cat Refused To Smile Until He Was Rescued From The Streets


Nutmeg, a stray cat living on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, was fed regularly and looked after by neighbors, until he went missing for a few days, to their great concern, and then returned with a serious injury, reports Love Meow.


Source: Facebook/Kenosha Forgotten Friends

The large wound on his neck was life threatening, so animal control services intervened and took the cat to their shelter. The local foster based rescue center, Kenosha Forgotten Friends, heard about the injured animal and came to take him to their hospital for treatment.The vet estimated that the feline was eight years old, diagnosed himas FIV+, an autoimmune virus, and started to work on reducing the swelling around the injury. Nutmeg underwent a series of laser treatments to get rid of any infection and prepare the wound for crucial surgery.


Source: Facebook/Kenosha Forgotten Friends

Despite Nutmeg's glum appearance, he proved to be cooperative and friendly all throughout his medical procedures; even falling asleep and purring during a few.A member of staff from Kenosha Forgotten Friends told Love Meow:

He automatically gets on table and lays over in position for treatments! What a good boy!

Source: Facebook/Kenosha Forgotten Friends

Since receiving medical treatment, the cat'spersonality has begun to shine through more and more each day. The affectionate felineloves cuddles and purrs away when visitors come to see him, and even remains friendly when staff give him a bath.Nutmegrecently underwent surgery and is recovering well, despite being slightly disgruntled about his new headgear and clothing, provided by the shelter to stop the cat from disrupting his stitches.


Source: Facebook/Kenosha Forgotten Friends

Staff at Kenosha Forgotten Friends even think that Nutmeg has started to smile now that he is feeling better.All that remains on the road to recovery for this brave cat is a few more laser treatments and the removal of his stitches. Nutmeg will then be ready to leave the rescue center.His adorable photos on their Facebook page have won him hundreds of admirers and he already has a new forever home waiting for him!


Source: Facebook/Kenosha Forgotten Friends

If you would like to help Kenosha Forgotten Friends to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation, here.If you live in England, you can visit the RSPCA, and if you live in the United States, you can visit the ASPCA to get more information about pets available for adoption.Tens of thousands of dogs and cats end up in shelters each year, either due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Consider adopting before you shop, and visit your local shelters before going to a breeder. Every dog and cat deserves a fair chance at a forever home.

H/t: Love Meow

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