Greyhound Massacre In Spain: 500 Dogs Have Already Been Saved By This Charity


Every year in Spain, thousands of greyhounds are abandoned or slaughtered in the most horrific ways each year after the hunting season is over at the end of January. According to local charities, over 50,000 "galgos" (greyhounds) are affected by this sickening tradition.Hung, lynched, forced to die of thirst or hunger, thrown down wells or off cliffs, burned alive… These are just a few of the barbaric ways that the hunters “get rid of” their Galgos,whom they no longer deem "useful".


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Spared from a cruel death

Recently, the former French model and actress,Brigitte Bardot, appealed to the Spanish government and King of Spainin order to put an end to this abominable tradition that happens in Spain every year.Furthermore, charities from all over the world have been fighting against these atrocitiesin Spainfor years. Theyrun rescue missions all over the countryto save some of these poor dogs' lives and raise awareness about their terrible fate.


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One of them isthe Italian charityENPA(National Society for the Protection of Animals in Italy), who havebeen campaigning against the Galgo atrocities for years. In2016, they set up"Project Spain"which organises rescue missions ever year across Spain.


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Over the past five years, 500 of these greyhounds' lives have been saved. Many of them were saved from tree hangings, which, according to the ENPA's website, is one of the most prevalent ways to kill these Spanish hunting dogs.Others have been saved from Spanishperreras, local kennels that cannot accommodate all of the Galgos they find and end up having to euthanise many of them.


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50 rescue missions

The ENPA has already organised over 50 rescue missions in Spain to save as many Galgos' lives as they can. The dogs are often found in unimaginable conditions, starving, with broken limbs. But it's charities like these that help give these dogs a second chance at life.Most people associate greyhounds with dogs bred for racing. But in reality, they are very calm dogs with only one wish: to be loved.


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How you can help

You can helpus expose this atrocious practice and give these greyhounds the life they deserve by sharing this and donating to charities dedicated to saving the lives of Galgos.The Baasgalgo Associationis a Spanishcharity that goes around the affected regions helping to save stray Galgos and offering them some love and care in local shelters.Galgo Rescue International Network (GRIN) also works hard fundraising for local Spanish shelters.


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What's more, the English charity, Greyhounds in Need, is dedicated to saving the lives of these dogs and helps to rehome many of them. They have rescued and found homes for several thousand dogs with the help of many Spanish volunteers.


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The Brigitte Bardot Foundation'spetitionfor the abolition of this massacre of thousands of Galgos every yearcan be signed here.It will only take a few seconds and can save these poor dogs’ lives.Share this post so that as many people as possible can help us in our fight! This tragic situation has little chance of taking flight if we don’t have a strong, international backing.

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