Gravely Injured, This Woman Survived 3 Days Lost In The Mountains Thanks To Her Loyal Dogs

Annette Poitras, 56, has made a spectacular recovery. The Canadian dog walker had gone for a walk in a forest in Eagle Mountain, British Colombia, when she had a terrible fall. Injured, and unable to use her phone, which was smashed in the accident, she didn't have any choice other than to wait for the emergency services to find her.

Source: Coquitlam RCMP

To heighten her odds of survival, Annette dug a hole in the rain soaked earth to create some shelter, following the example of her three dogs: Chloe, a Border Collie, Roxy, a boxer, and Bubba, a Puggle. For 2 days and 2 nights, the animals watched over her, as Annette's husband, Marcel explained to BBC news:

One of them was cuddling [her] and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food.

Source: North Shore Rescue

When his wife didn't return, Marcel alerted the emergency services and a team of more than 100 people, including 2 helicopters, set out to look for her. The rescuers eventually found the Annette "alive and in good condition" after having heard her calls for help and her dogs barking.

Source: North Shore Rescue

Annette was taken to hospital, where she is recovering little by little from her ordeal. As far as the dogs are concerned, they are as fit as a fiddle!

H/t: BBC

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