Grandma Dies Of A Broken Heart Just Hours After Her Beloved Cat Passes Away

After 13 wonderful years together, an elderly Californian woman and her cat have recently passed away within hours of each other, reportsThe Dodo.Gabby the cat was two years old when her human and her husband adopted her. Judy Caponigro, their granddaughter, told Love Meow:

Since Grandma and Grandpa were seniors, the shelter volunteers brought three cats to their house for an 'interview'.

Of the three cats, it was Gabby who seemed to fit in the most. She made herself at home right away with her new family, curling up on the bed she had clearly claimed as her own. It was the beginning of a lifelong bond for Grandma, Grandpa and Gabby.


Source : @Judy Caponigro / The Dodo

The old lady and her cat quickly became very close. Gabby would wake her up in the morning, miaowing to get her attention.In the evenings, the sweet pussycat would sit on Grandma's head, purring away. Gabby particularly enjoyed sitting on her human's lap in the afternoons while she read. Judy Caponigro went on to say:

It was a favorite time for her not only because of her love of books but because Gabby would be right there next to her snuggling in for the duration.

When the elderly woman's husband died, Gabby was her absolute rock whohelped her withher grief. "When Grandpa passed, they were there for each other. Their animal/human bond was strong.", Judy remembered.After 13 years of enduringfriendship, Gabby and her human started to become slower with age aroundthe same time. Gabby started tolose her appetite and was getting thinner. Desperate to keep her best friendwith her for longer, her human took her to the vet. But the diagnosis was certain: the 15-year-old cat was dying, and there was nothing they could do.[caption id="attachment_9965" align="alignnone" width="720"]


This photo was taken on the day Gabby and her human passed away.[/caption]

Source : @Judy Caponigro / The Dodo

Gabby's ultimate companion was with her right until the end, when the vet put her to sleep forever.The elderly lady went home exhausted and grief-stricken. She went to sit on the armchair where she used to read with Gabby on her lap, and ended up falling asleep. Grandma didn't wake up. Four hours after losingher best friend, she too passed away, broken-hearted."Grandma was always worried what would happen to Gabby if she passed first. I do believe that helping Gabby in her final journey, gave Grandma a sense of peace and permission to move on", her grand-daughter added.

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