Gorgeous Ginger Cat Relieves Student Stress In Exchange For Cuddles At This University


Though full of great memories, our years at university are often the most stressful years of our lives. Luckily, some students at the University of Augsburg in Bavaria, southern Germany, have something to help take their mind of things. And it takes the form of an adorable little ginger cat whovisits the students every day.


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

The kitty has been nicknamed CampusCat and is a bit of a celebrity, with her own loyal Facebook following!

She's been bringing joy to the lives of the students ever since arriving at the campus when she was just one year old.


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

She lives in a house near the university, spending her time having fun with the students...


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

Relaxing in the sun...


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

And chilling out in the classrooms whilst the students are hard at work!


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

She's even got a film career ahead of her...


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

It's a win-win situation: the students get a bit of stress-relief, and she gets cuddles!


Source: @CampusCatAugsburg/ Facebook

With over 22,000 Facebook followers, CampusCat must be one of the most popular (and intelligent) felines in the world!And here she is in action: