Goat and Dog Best Friends Find Forever Home Together


Cinnamon and Felix are an unlikely duo, a goat and a dog, who formed an inseparable bond while living at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) in North Carolina. When Cinnamon and Felix's owner could no longer care for them, Wake County’s animal control stepped in. The shelter team quickly realized just how much they hated being apart and kept them together, despite not having much experience with farm animals.

The pair of best friends spent their nights sleeping on the same cot and spent their days in each other's company. Cinnamon would even follow Felix around without being leashed. If the shelter staff tried to separate them, Cinnamon would start screaming and headbutt the door.

According to Dr. Jennifer Federico, DVM, Wake County government’s animal services director, "Goats are social animals and so are dogs, so when they’re put together, it makes sense they would find friendship. Whatever the reason for these two bonding, it’s clear what would be best for their well-being is to keep them together."

Cinnamon and Felix are an unlikely duo.

The Wake County Animal Center knew that they wanted to find a farm where Cinnamon could interact with other goats and still have Felix by her side. They partnered with The Mr. Mo Project, a New York-based rescue, who was able to find a perfect home for the two best friends in no time.

“All the pieces fell into place. Their new mom has a herd of goats, and she has the space to take both Cinnamon and Felix. They’re even building a separate pasture for Cinnamon so that she’s separated from the other goats for now and can transition appropriately,” said Dr. Federico.

Since a dog and goat friendship isn’t so common, Dr. Federico suspects that Cinnamon never had a chance to bond with other goats. She’s excited to see Cinnamon socialize with the other goats in her new home soon, but for now, she knows that the goat is perfectly content with just having her best friend by her side.

Cinnamon and Felix's story is a heartwarming example of the strong bonds that can form between animals, even those of different species. The Wake County Animal Center's decision to keep them together, despite not having much experience with farm animals, was the right one, and their partnership is a reminder of the importance of friendship and companionship for animals.