Girl Walks 9 Miles In The Dark To Get Starving Horse To Safety


Kelsey and her mother were driving along a country road at 5:30am in Illinois one morning, when it was still dark, when their journey took an unexpected turn. Kelsey spotted something next to the road and as they approached, she noticed that it was a horse.


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The horse was starving and on the verge of dying. Herbones were showing and she was so weak she could hardly eat the grass on the side of the road. It was possible the horse had been abused by previous owners.


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She had whip marks on her back and hips, her eyes were swollen shut and her back knees were swollen and rubbed raw.


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She had managed to escape to find food next to the road. Kelsey decided she could not leave the horse there to die. She said:

We just felt so bad for her, just overwhelming sadness.

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The horse, who was later named Sunny, fell into a ditch as Kelsey came closer. She knew that the only way she could get this weak and injured animal to safety was to walk her. She decided to walk home with Sunny, but home was nine miles away and it took the pair four hours to reach safety.Even when they arrived home, Sunny was not out of harm's way yet. She still needed to be treated. Kelsey slept in the barn next to her for five nights.


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It was this love and care that gave Sunny the strength to recover. She started eating and got stronger every day. In a video published on YouTube documenting Sunny's story, an interviewer talks to Kelsey. While gently stroking the horse on her face, she says:

I've been around horses before that have been neglected and it is absolutely amazing that Sunny will even let me do this, she is so calm.

Kelsey's mom also admits that her daughter's strength was what helped this horse pull through. She says, jokingly:

She [Sunny] knows me as "food", but she knows Kelsey as "love".

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The young girl, on the other hand, believes that Sunny is her angel. She and her horse share the most incredible bond because they bring each other support, love and safety.You can watch the full video of Sunny's heartwarming story below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_ji5Nas9CQ[/embed]