Giant Dog Called Charlie Helps Foster Smaller Dogs In Need Of Cuddles And Warmth

When Charlie, a Catahoula mix breed, was abandoned by his family at a shelter in Denver, Colorado, he was worryingly overweight, reports The Dodo. Charlie was a huge dog anyway, but his family had clearly neglected him. When the volunteers took him on a walk, he almost had a seizure because he was so out of breath.


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But thankfully, the rescue shelter Dumb Friends League managed to find him a foster family.Alaina Bupp and her husband made sure the gorgeous dog got all the exercise he had been denied of for so long, and soon he was fit and healthy again.And he was also very loved. After a month, the couple decided to adopt Charlie for good. Theyexplained toThe Dodo:

There was something about Charlie... We both wanted to keep him. We both decided he was a permanent member of our family.

Now that Charlie was settled in his new forever home, his parents decided to foster some more dogs in need.And they never expected how much Charlie would help them...


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The first foster pup they welcomed was a tiny, underweight Chihuahua who was always very cold.But when Charliestarting cuddling it, he offered him a lot of warmth, literally!"Charlie's a big guy and he puts off a lot of heat", his foster mum said.Despite his radiator help, the giant dog has a real knack for making foster pups feel safe and secure. Maybe because he knows how they feel.


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Whilst they can be very nervous of humans at first, it helps having another laid-back dog around the home to show them they can feel safe.


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It's been three years since the Blupps adopted Charlie and since then he has looked after 13 foster pups,boosting their confidence with all his cuddles ofsupport.

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And with Charlie and the Bupps' help, all of the foster dogs managed to find their own forever homes!


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"I think really the difference is confidence. He makes them feel safe," Alaina concluded.

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