German Shepherd Is Rescued At Last, After Surviving Five Weeks On A Major Highway


On April 10, the police in Galt, California, receivedthe first report of sightings of a German Shepherd on the highway. The call reported that the dog either jumped or fell from a pickup truck on Highway 99.


Source: @The Sacramento Bee

Since this first report, the dog spent five weeks living in the median of thehighway and earned the affectionate nickname "Freeway Frida" with the police.She became an urban myth, with people calling the Galt Police Department daily to report her. And yet the police could never quite find her. Officer Siliva Coelho told ABC News:

[ ...] every time we went out there, we couldn't see or find her. She was like a ghost dog. 

Finally, Coelho had some success. She managed to find Frida on May 14 and saved her from the highway with the help of the California Highway Patrol, who stopped the traffic to catch the pup.


Source: @KCRA

The female dog was transferred to VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospitalwith a broken leg, as well as malnutrition and dehydration.Since the leg was likely to have been broken some weeks beforehand, it's a miracle that Freeway Frida managed to survive. The dogis recovering at the hospital.

The gorgeous German Shepherd doesn't have a microchip so it is not proving easy to find her owner.However, she may find a home soon anyway - Coelho admits that if no one comes forward; she may have to adopt her herself! "She's got a strong heart and a strong will for surviving out on that median for five weeks. She's truly amazing."


Source: @KCRA

To keep up-to-date with news of Freeway Frida, follow the VCA Animal Hospital on Facebook.

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