Garbage Collector Feels Something Move In Dumpster. And Saves A Tiny Kitten's Life

At the beginning of June, a garbage collector from Pennsylvania in the US saved the life of an adorable kitten who was trapped in the back of his lorry in a bin.

As he was busy unloading the dumpster, he was surprised to feel something move among the rubbish!

Justina Calgiano, a member of the Providence Animal Centersanctuary, who would later take care of the kitten, spoke to Love Meow:

He noticed something was moving inside one of the bags. He opened the bag and found the kitten.

Source : @Providence Animal Center

Volunteers from the Providence Animal Center worked quickly to get the kitten to the emergency room at the vet.

Thankfully, after a quick examination, she was declared healthy. Her name will be Grundgetta!


Source : @Providence Animal Cente

Mark, the garbage collector said:

She was sweet and innocent and didn't deserve to be treated that way. I'm glad she's healthy and safe

Source : @Providence Animal Center

Grundgetta is now the picture of health and can't stop cuddling everyone she comes into contact with.

At only 4 weeks old, the little pussycat is still being fed by bottle.


Source : @Providence Animal Center

Justina Calgiano continued:

We're looking to transfer her into a foster home with experience in dealing with 'bottle babies' and then in 4-5 weeks when she's old enough, big enough and healthy enough, we'll place her up for adoption.

And the good news continues: At the beginning of this month, Grundgetta was adopted by her new forever mom, Sabrina! Sabrina said to Providence AnimalCenter:

When I saw G's picture, I just felt my heart skip a beat, and I looked into her big eyes, and I knew that she was the one - that we were meant to be together.


Source : @Providence Animal Center

There is no doubt that the kitten is in good hands. Look how adorable the two look together!

H/t: @LoveMeow

Andrea A.