French Orchestra To Give Concert With Animals At Zoo

Andrea A.

On February 23, Jaques Mercier, conductor of Lorraine’s National Orchestra in France, will perform for a very unusual crowd at Amnéville Zoo. The event, calledles Animaux, en musique ! ('Animals in Music' in French) will give penguins, sea lions and even flamingos their big break in a musical program which will feature music from the Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens, Jaws and Jurassic park.

Source: Julian Benini

The concert is part of the educational program run by the zoo, but many are saying that it has little teaching value. While the animals won’t really be a part of the show – the musicians will just be playing near their habitats – critics claim that it normalizes captivity and makes out that it is something harmless and fun.

Danse avec les manchotsLes aventures de l'Orchestre national de Lorraine au Zoo d'Amnéville / Episode 3 "Jacques Mercier".Les manchots s'avèrent d'excellents musiciens, reconnaissez vous le morceau qu'ils interprètent sous la direction du maestro ?(Réservation pour le concert :é par Orchestre National de Lorraine sur lundi 18 décembre 2017

French animal rights association One Voice denounced the event, saying:

What is the point of associating yourself with animal exploitation? They do big things at #ZooAmneville! Stop keeping #animals captive, as if it's not enough to deprive them of freedom, you train them [to perform] too!  

Quand on est branché exploitation animale, c'est jusqu'au bout? En tout cas, ils font les choses en grand au #ZooAmneville ! Quitte à garder des #animaux captifs, comme si ça ne suffisait pas de les priver de liberté, autant les dresser! @OrchestNatLorra

— One Voice (@onevoiceanimal) 21 décembre 2017 kept captive in zoos, marine parks and circuses often show signs of physical and psychological problems as a direct consequence of where they are. Particularly intelligent animals such as Elephants and orcas suffer greatly from the conditions they are kept in, which contradict their natural instincts and don’t cater to their complex needs.While some facilities care properly for their animals and help protect the world’s wildlife, many only care about profit, leaving animals stressed and depressed in unsuitable habitats. If you want to visit a zoo or wildlife facility of any sort, do your research to make sure that you are supporting places that truly care for their animals.If you live in the U.S.,check out which centers have been accredited on theAssociation of Zoos and Aquariums’ Website.

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