French Circus Stirs Controversy After Displaying Tiger Cub In Front Of A School

Andrea A.

In October 2017, French circus le cirque Mullerdecided to display a tiger cub outside of a school, as an advertising stunt aimed at children. One voice, a French animal rights association, denounced the ploy as dangerous and manipulative, and called for an end to these sorts of 'techniques'.One Voice called the cub's health into question, as it looked far too young to be away from its mom, and reminded the public that tigers, even baby ones, are wild animals, who should not be forced to lives their lives in a cage.They concluded by saying that, by using a cute tiger cub in their marketing, the circus was hiding the truth about what wild animals face while living in captivity.

Source: One Voice

The organization, which has called the local authorities, has demanded information on the cub's whereabouts and health, as well as for the circus to stop operating.

Captivity: a living hell

The effect of captivity on wild animals has been well documented and is a hot topic of conservation today. Pacing, depression, physical injury and psychological stress are common in facilities that can't (or won't) properly care for their animals.Places that force their animals to perform and act against their instincts risk traumatizing them and driving them to aggression.If you would like to contribute to helping circus animals escape this life of misery, you can donate to organizations likePerforming Animal Welfare Society, who work to offer exploited, wild animals better-living conditions.

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