Found On The Side Of The Road After Being Hit By A Car, No One Believed He Would Survive


At first, the veterinarian saw no other option than euthanasia for this kitten found on the side of a road in Belize, Central America.


Source: Smeagol Puss

After having apparently been hit by a car, his jaw was partially crushed, his head covered in dried blood and pus was coming out of his infected wounds. Despite his appalling state, there was no question of giving up for Melissa, who picked up the poor animal from the highway. She told The Dodo:

He had been purring the whole time in the car, like he was glad to be safe finally.

Source: Smeagol Puss

However, there were no guarantees: the vet was extremely pessimistic on the chance of survival for the feline. He was too weak to be operated. Judging by the state of his jaw, he couldn't eat; at least that's what the doctor though...Melissa explains:

I randomly had a tin of cat food in my purse, the kind with the gravy, so we said, let's see if he can eat.

Source: Smeagol Puss

As incredible as it sounds, the cat pounced on the food and finished the entire tin, despite his broken jaw. From that moment on Melissa knew that he was determined to live, and that she would adopt him.


Source: Smeagol Puss

So it was with a treatment of antibiotics inhand that the veterinarian let the young woman go home, with the furball she decided to name Smeagol (after the character from The Lord of the Rings).

Immediately when he got home, his eyes became so bright and huge. 

Source: Smeagol Puss

The animal proved to merit the name: he was surprisingly resistant to pain and had a remarkable recovery without an operation. His crooked jaw remains the sole reminder of his tragic accident.


Source: Smeagol Puss

Smeagol has since become completely unrecognizable. He gained weight - thanks to his famous appetite - and is rapidly became friends with Melissa's other animals: five cats and five dogs!


Source: Smeagol Puss

In addition, the feline's atypical appearance allowed him to make a name for himself on social media: more than 12,000 people follow his daily adventures on his Instagram.



Source : Smeagol Puss

Which must make Melissa incredibly happy and proud to have believed in him when no one else would have bet on his survival.


Source: Smeagol Puss