For His 8th Birthday, He Didn't Want Presents, He Wanted To Help Animals In Shelters

Benjamin Walker prefers animals to video games and gadgets. For his 8th birthday, rather than getting presents, this young American boy asked his parents if he could help animals in shelters.


Source : @Star-Telegram

With his parents' help, he organised a fund and raised over $3,000in cash and accessories. He donated all of the proceeds to the Texan animal protection charitycalled the"Humane Society of North Texas".The charity runs numerous shelters and looks after almost 25,000 abandoned animals every year.


Source : @Star-Telegram

The young boy explained his decision during a video interview withStar-Telegram:

I really love animals. I don't really need presents for my birthday. I've already got lots of things, toys and games and that kind of thing. I feel really bad for animals who spend so much time in those cages.

Source : @Star-Telegram

He went on to say:

Instead of thinking about myself, I tried to think of others. We managed to collect almost 180 kg of dog food and 45 kg of cat food. And other things like toys and cat litter.

Source : @Star-Telegram

The shelter was completely overwhelmed by Benjamin's incredibly generous gesture. One of the volunteers said:

We were absolutely thrilled, and stunned, to see such a young boy be so generous and want to help. Benjamin's huge donation is by far the most significant one we have ever received from a person his age.

Source : @Star-Telegram

Benjamin soon became a bit of a local celebrity.Matt Walker, Benjamin's father, had nothing but praise for his son:

It's truly amazing that Benjamin can already distinguish between needs and desires. Already at this stage in his life, he's aware of the importance of giving. He understands how much more significant it is to bring others happiness rather than just thinking of himself.

We hope Benjamin's incredible compassion will encourage other kids to do the same for the love of animals!

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