Footage Of A Miniature Horse Forced To Sit In A Child's High Chair Is Causing Outrage


A video showing a miniature horse sitting in a baby's high chair and eating like a human child has recently gone viral for the wrong reasons and has sparked outrage, reports the Daily Mail.The miniature horse is sitting in a chair that looks like it was made for human babies, and is eating what looks like carrots from a bowl. Internet users have posted furious comments saying that he should never have been forced into that position and that it is unnatural for a horse. The video has been viewed more than 300 000 times on Instagram.


Source: Suetoshi Farm/Instagram

The video originates fromSuetoshi Farm, a Japanese animal farm on the island of Honshu. Its Instagram account often posts videos of the animals, and has posted several videos of its miniature horses in the past. A French Facebook page, Fan de Bonbons, which usually shares animal memes and jokes, posted the video and amassed 21 million views. People spoke their minds in the comments section, too.

?Posted by Fan de bonbons on Monday, February 13, 2017

One user posted: "What is wrong with people who can do this to a innocent animal?!? This is so not funny!!!!!!", while another commented: "This is disgusting, that pony is not meant to sit in a chair, how much damage is the owner doing to its back and insides. Horses eat standing up for a reason."Some users pointed out, however, that the horse was made to sit in the chair because he probably suffers from a condition called megoesophagus, which described a malformedpipe that makes it difficult to swallow food.Other users still commentated that while the disease theory is unconfirmed, the horse is not stressed as he is eating and when horses are stressed they do not tend to eat.While the reason for putting the horse in a chair is unknown, many animal lovers are upset by this unnatural act:

Understanding the anatomy of a horses gut, digestive system and the position of the organs would tell you NEVER to do this!!!

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