Food Coma For Bear Who Collapsed After Devouring 9 Kg Of Dog Food


Are dog biscuits about to take over from honey as a bear's favourite food?

The question has been raised since discovering that a big black bear broke into a resident’s garage in Seminole County, USA to steal a bag of dog biscuits.

The bear gobbled up nearly 9 kilos. The neighbours found him sprawled out on the lawn in the back garden.


Like a human who is left completely stuffed after a dinner party, the bear was suffering from indigestion. He tossed and turned, moaned and groaned, coughed and spluttered and was unable to wake up.


He gave the residents just enough time to take some photos and alert the local press who came to cover this astonishing story.


Little by little, the bear started to recover and wake up. He was seen leaving the lawn, looking a little groggy.

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