Floppy, The Oldest Dog In The World, Has Just Passed Away


Floppy was born in an Italian shelter October 10, 1993, and his long life came to a peaceful end March 17, 2017. At 23 years, 5 months, and 7 days old, he was the oldest dog in the world.


Source: L'Oasis des Vétérans

The canine spent all of his life in shelters and lived his last ten years at theOasis des Vétérans, a sanctuary for senior dogs in Vaulruz, Switzerland.He was pampered by volunteers all throughout his life, both in Italy and in Switzerland, and was never held back by his age. Despite being deaf, having trouble moving around and eating, he always remained an affectionate dog, who left his pawprint on so many people that were lucky enough to meet him.


Source: L'Oasis des Vétérans

Capucine, a volunteer from the sanctuary, posted a heartfelt message on the Facebook page dedicated to the veteran dog. She described the love and support that the shelter has received since the news of Floppy's death:

I must thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind messages, emails and kind thoughts since we lost our dear Floppy [...] I read many comments saying that you would like this page to remain open to give everyone an insight into life and retirement here at the Oasis. I will do everything I can to keep you up to date with our adventures, always in the spirit of our Floppy. I would like to thank you all again, we have been very moved by your wave of sympathy.

Even though they have lost their mascot, the Oasis des Vétérans hopes to show everyone that older dogs are still capable of giving love, and that the fear of medical costs is more than outweighed by their affection and companionship. Capucine continues:

Despite the immense sadness that is felt by both our two-footed and four-pawed friends, Floppy will remain a symbol of hope for all those who are older, handicapped and who didn't have the chance carry on or to have a dignified end to their lives.

Source: L'Oasis des Vétérans

In order to pay hommage to Floppy, two statues will be erected April 8. The event will allow all those that knew the special dog to come together mourn his loss, but also to remember their furry friend that made such an impact on their lives.Senior dogs in shelters often have a hard time finding their forever home as potential families worry about the medical expenses involved in looking after them.Unfortunately, this means that the majority of these dogs' lives end with euthanasia. However, an older animal is already trained, calm, and will greatly appreciate spending the last chapter of their lives in a loving and affectionate home.

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