"Fighting" Dog Literally Torn Apart Only Has Love To Give


Betsy is one dog who has been through it all.When she arrived at Viktor Larkhill's clinic, she had been absolutely ripped apart by dogfighting. They think she was used as a bait dog in this horrific practice, and the results were shocking. Her skin was torn apart around the face, leaving her skull and jaw bone completely exposed.


Source: @ViktorLarkhill

The video is so gruesome that we've chosen not to include it in this article, but you can see it here if you wish.With the help of the incredible medical team, Betsy fought her injuries and infections, and kept wagging her tail the whole time. She just wasn't going to give up.One thing was for sure - she gained the love and admiration of the whole medical team!


Source: @ViktorLarkhill

In fact, Betsy is so full of love and happiness that it's hard to imagine she ever went through such cruelty. It's proof of her amazing resilience and ability to forgive the humans who treated her so badly.

And she's got friends everywhere! They just can't stop coming to wish her well and spend a little time in her joyous presence. Though her gruesome scars still remain, she's full of energy and affection.

Betsy has never shown any sign of aggression or violence towards her saviours. In fact, she's helping dispel any prejudices against bait dogs and other "dangerous" dog breeds whohave an unfair reputation due to the cruelty of their owners.Betsyfinally had surgeryto rebuild the jaw which was completely destroyed by fighting...


Source: @ViktorLarkhill

And it was a great success. In fact, she only seems more full of love and kisses ever since!

Though Betsy had a truly horrific past, she managed to pull through and win over everybody along the way. It's a remarkable transformation.


Source: @ViktorLarkhill

You can follow her progress and her latest cute antics on Viktor Larkhill's Facebook page.

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